RE: DIFAX Source

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On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Dan Vietor wrote:

I'll chime in on Larry's email since I have some say on the Unisys end of 

Unisys provides a couple of methods for accessing Difax data.  We do offer a Ku 
band feed similar to Alden where Difax charts are pushed to the end user.  
There is a user/passworded FTP site where you can obtain Difax charts using a 
pull method.

We are currently addressing several new methods for providing Difax to the end 

Dan, how about an LDM method? :-)

We're talking here on how we might be able to help.  However, this is still in 
its early stages.  We do have some issues to work out on this end.

Best wishes! A solution involving the LDM would be great!

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