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In a previous message to me, you wrote:
From: "David J. Knight" <knight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

      Just wondering what the status of this is  and weather we might be able 
to get these scripts from you. (weather typo intentional !-)

      It would be a great service to the community  if you could contribute the 
scripts used.   Many might find this more convenient than  grabbing from your 
web site. Do you really want  to put them on the IDD and deal with resulting  
support issues? It is up to you of course...



We'd be happy to provide you (and everyone) with the scripts, though in their 
current state they may require more support than sending out the maps over the 
IDD :O , but they are a start at least.

They were written by a student hourly of mine, and while they are quite well 
commented, there are parts of them that are written to be specific to our 
setup.  They shouldn't be difficult to modify, just time consuming.

I'll go through tomorrow and put up all of our scripts on the same web location 
as the gzip'd postscript maps are right now, and everyone can feel free to dig 
through them, modify for their own setup, etc.


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