Re: DIFAX Alternatives

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On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Jeff Weber wrote:

Unidata has tracked these issues and coordinated some options that can be 
utilized when the DIFAX service ceases to exist or Alden continues with idd 
transmission difficulties.
Unidata is generating .gif imagery of these products via Redbook Graphics and can be viewed or downloaded at:

Just a word of warning...NWS is going to discontinue these too, eventually.

The University of Wisconsin is also generating DIFAX type products which are 
available for viewing and download in postscript format at:

NOAA also offers DIFAX type products for viewing and download in compressed 
(G4) .tiff formats at:


DIFAX will cease operations in the near future, we offer these options as 
interim solutions.

Thanks, but the Wisconsin site is difficult to get images from, since they are 
in different directories. The site is a slow download, to say 
the least. It looks like I and all of us will need to look for a longer term 
solution pretty quick, as others have stated.

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