And now, the rest of the story

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Well, maybe not. But here's what I did. I called Al Cox, Alden's COO.  I didn't 
hold back. Here's what's going on, according to him.

First, the DiFAX situation...according to him, the NWS is down and having 
trouble with it. To verify this, I called some people at DTN/Kavouras I know 
and they aren't getting any data either. They say the NWS is having networking 
problems, so although they are producing maps (which is why the NWS 
server has them), they can't route them out of the building via other methods. 
It isn't Alden.

The T1 line, for you KU band dish users, was broken at the NWS. They say they 
will be back up by Monday.

Why the automated phone response? He says they were inundated with calls, and they put 
the phone system on "emergency autopilot" to keep the volume down since they 
have no new information beyond that. They're not answering phones at the customer service 
lines, so that they can keep their techs free to do other stuff, from what he seemed to 

I won't comment here further.

Yeah, I will.

How in the world can a T1 be down for two weeks? did that to NIU for 
one day, didn't bother to apologize, and we dumped 'em like a sack of potatoes 
years ago.

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