difax sizing

We've been printing difax maps using g3topbm and pnmtops with good results until recently. Lately we are seeing many of the 4 panel maps being printed incorrectly, only two panels to a page and with those 2 panels being significantly larger than before. The perl script I use to do the printing is very simple and uses the following line to do the converting and printing: g3topbm $argv[1] | pnmtops -width 11 -height 17 | lp
where $argv[1] is the difax map to print and the pnmtops tries to set the image 
for an 11X17 printer page.

Does anyone know why the 4 panels could be printing wrong and/or have a better 
way to resize the images for an 11x17 printer?

Thanks in advance!


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