Re: Printing DIFAX maps

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From: "J. Christopher Clarke" <jclarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
We have recently completely gutted our LDM server and now have "lost" all the scripts to print DIFAX maps. In the archives, there is quite a bit of discussion about this when the original topic was raised (1994), but there has been very little since. There used to be a script that someone at FSU had written that would allow DIFAX maps to be printed, but the link to that page is dead and I have found very little in the way of direction on how to set it up. We sent email to FSU, but haven't heard anything back yet. Our upline server, SRCC/LSU just prints everthing on the feed out. We don't want to print everything, just selected maps.

We don't use the DIFAX feed here, so don't have any experience with the scripts.

Any ideas on where do to go to find some of this info?

I'd suggest sending your note to difax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  If you are going to 
be in charge of the DIFAX feed at NLU, you might want to subscribe to the list. 
 Eric Pani is the only one subscribed from NLU to that list.  You can subscribe 


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