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From: Geff Underwood <geff@xxxxxxxxxxx>


As mysteriously as it stopped, our DIFAX feed has started working again. The 
logs show that Alden was denying access, so I'm assuming that the problem was 
on their end...

For these types of problems, it is best to contact Alden directly or send your 
note to difax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  I don't see that anyone from Iowa State is 
subscribed to that list.  You should probably sign up, which you can do at:

I forwarded your previous note to this list, since the UPC does not subscribe 
to the Alden DIFAX service.  People on the list know more about what's working 
than we do.

BTW, there's a rumor going around that DIFAX's days are numbered.  Has the 
sunset date been chosen?

You should contact Lorraine Smith at Alden (smithl@xxxxxxxxx) for the latest 
information in this regard.

Don Murray

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