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Hello all,

Alden's DiFAX server choked last night. I asked Lorraine Smith to re-send some 
maps I'd like to have, but unfortunately, they lost all of their copies from 
last night, so they have to ask the NWS to re-send them. We'll see how it goes. 
I asked them to resend the 84 hour 500 MB AVN, 4 panel 120 hour 500MB/SFC MRF, 
manual progs, and I think that's it.

Anyway, they came back up at 9:40 AM after their internal server crashed last 
night, and still another was hacked into.

Finally, for those of you who are Sprintlink ISP customers, or go through them 
to get to an IDD relay site...I have to go through them to get some products I 
use and I've found this page to be helpful if there's a problem somewhere:

For outage information.

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