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I should have cc'd you on this note.  I also received a quick note from Michael
Morgan with add'l info.  I've appended it to the bottom of this email.


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Date: Thu, Nov 11, 1999 3:30 PM -0700
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Hi Jim,

--On Sat, Sep 25, 1999 10:21 PM -0500 "James T. Moore" <moore@xxxxxxxxxxx> 


Will the usercomm pick up on the discussions we had earlier (about a year ago) about someone putting a list of the GEMPAK macros together to
replace the DIFAX charts?  We will only be having DIFAX available for
one more year.  Good to plan ahead.  I believe Mike Morgan said he
could help on this.

I had a conversation with Michael Morgan about Difax last week.  He said he
would be happy to share the scripts written to generate Difax with Gempak with
anyone in the community who is interested in using them.   He said Wisc had
17x11 printer capabilities with the script.  If you don't want the script,
Michael said they might be able to inject the imagery they are making for the
maps they are generating and send it to you via LDM/IDD.
If you would like to contact him, he said he would work with you on this issue.
Please let us know if this is sufficient or if you need additional information.

Hope all is well, Jim.  We miss your puns....I think.


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from:  Michael Morgan

Linda -
       I talked with our system manager after I spoke with you last week.  He 
said it would be pretty straightforward for us to inject the data [maps in 
postscript form] into the data stream.


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