Re: difax out?

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I've been receiving DIFAX with no problems.  Try connecting to instead of thunder.


On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Peter Schmid wrote:

Hello All,

I was wondering.  Io have recieved no DIFAX products over the weekend.  My ldm 
logs show:

Aug 16 12:24:30 redwood thunder[11440]: run_requester: 19990816112425.956 TS_ENDT 
{{DIFAX,  ".*"}}
Aug 16 12:24:31 redwood thunder[11440]: FEEDME( OK
Aug 16 12:24:31 redwood thunder[11440]: forn_svc_run: select(7, 6, ...): Bad 
file number
Aug 16 12:24:31 redwood thunder[11440]: Disconnect

ldmping's to alden are fine.  I just restarted my ldm and deleted the queues 
and still no DIFAX seems to be flowing.

Anyone else having troubles?

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