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Thanks for all your replies to my product question.

I figured the reasong the NWS could show them real time while we have to wait 
48 hours (or is it 72?..I always forget!) is b/c it's their stuff and they can 
do what they want.  It just is tough b/c we have an excellent display of difax 
products here that we would love to show on the web.  We can show them in 
archive's but it's just not the same.

Rob, I know the eta stuff has been out for years..but are you saying it has been on DIFAX? I didn't understand what you meant by that. I was only discussing Difax products.

Thanks again to all!

Matt Powers: powers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I still use my 630/942-2590 colored pencils!
College of Dupage/NEXLAB (near Chi-town)
Multi-County Skywarn                  
and Ob's at RFD for fun

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