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I was noitcing somthing while surfing the ole SCH page the other day.

First, why is it that Difax products can be displayed real time on this page.  
I realize it is a NOAA link.  Is it simply b/c it's NOAA's stuff so they can 
display grid products however they please?  This makes sense, but I'm curious 
to find out if that is exactly it.

Also, I noticed they have more ETA stuff, as in 850 charts and Boundary Layer 
winds.  Is this new?  Can we at the College of DuPage receive this stuff?  Have 
we missed the boat on these products?

Thamks in advance,

Matt Powers: powers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I still use my 630/942-2590 colored pencils!
College of Dupage/NEXLAB (near Chi-town)
Multi-County Skywarn                  
and Ob's at RFD for fun

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