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wgallus@xxxxxxxxxxx (William Gallus) wrote:
Thanks for your help.  We didn't have any fields in gdinfo with ETAM (or EATM) 
as GVCOORD, but we did have PWTR for GLEV=0, GVC=NONE, and it worked.  I'm not 
sure what changed a month ago, but our former method worked fine until then.

Again, I'll check with Steve when he returns to see if he knows of any changes 
in the ETA grids.

I looked over the alden http site and don't see any comparable forecast maps to 
the NGM ones (4 panels for 12,24,36,48 hrs).  I don't even see more than a 
handful of Eta forecast products (individual field at maybe one time).

Do you know offhand the numbers assigned to the Eta products - assuming the 
nice 4-panel charts exist?  (Our NGM charts are the 2043-2047 series).   I was 
at CSU on a visit last summer and it seemed to me that even they still had only 
the NGM maps, which re-inforced my idea that maybe those were the only model 
maps available (which seemed odd since the NGM was supposed to disappear this 

Sorry, I was confused.  The 4-panel charts are indeed NGM and there are no ETA 
forecasts like that on the DIFAX circuit.  I would imagine that when the NGM 
does go away, the charts will be replaced with ETA versions.

Of course, you can always create your own ETA versions using GEMPAK. ;-)

Don Murray

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