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On Mon, 9 Dec 1996 18:12:14 -0600 (CST), Mathew L. Powers wrote:

I'm not sure about this. I'd like to stick a Difax product on our web page that is from August 26th. Does our license allow us to post "old" data (a la WSI's 3 day old is ok rule)?
If not, I'll have to do the ole /private/ thing but I figure at worst it is 
just advertisement, isn't it?

Thanks in advance

Hello Matt ( and all );

While I am notoriously NOT the official type official, I have been here at 
Alden Electronics long enough to know this is an easy one.

Alden is the private vendor for DIFAX to the UNIDATA people.  As, such, I am 
sure somebody at UNIDATA can check the 'rule book'.  At Alden, you can get the 
certified poop from Bill Highlands.

Go ahead and put the DIFAX from August on your web page.  The old rule REALLY 
was started by Alden, which has a 48 hour rule.  WSI extended it to three days, 
due to the more value-added nature of there product, wanting to extend it over 
more than a weekend.

Old weather data is like old fish to commercial companies.

A shameless plug for my company on your web page wouldn't hurt though.   :)

Joe McLean
Systems Engineer
Alden Electronics

1-800-225-9492 x 2384

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