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As a way of saying thanks to all of you who helped me when I was looking for 
difax chart descriptions, I've placed two difax chart lists on .

The first is a listing of difax charts in chart number sequence.  The second is 
the same list in a simplistic (via sort) alphabetic sequence by description.

Look in the difax chart section.

Thanks again for the support.


Peter M. Schmid <schmidp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


The URL you have gives me a 404 not found.

Pete S.

naegelin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Larry....

I tried using the list fer difax charts that you sent out the other day.
The return came back saying that it didn't exist.  So I took my list,
checked it twice, to see if I'd been naughty or nice, and I am convinced
that I typed it in right.  Please advise....ccn.

        You folks have committed the rookie error of doing what I said to do
        instead of what you should have done.  You should both have realized
        that what I said was NOT what I meant.

        Actually, I left part of the path out of the URL.  Try:


        That should work.  If it doesn't please let me know.  You can also
        get to the lists via the SIO weather page at:


        via the "Realtime Weather Observations and Charts" section's
        "Realtime Data Menu" pointer.

        Sorry about that.


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