Summary: pblplus and Solaris 2.3

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To subscribers of the difax and ldm-users groups:

Originally I wrote (with some typos):

We are about to migrate away from satellite reception of difax and over to the 
idd completely.  Having looked at the Unidata home page and noted the solutions 
for printing difax charts.  So I went out and picked up the pbmplus utilities 
and am trying to build them on our system (a SPARC20 running Solaris 2.3) using 
Suns C compiler.  I've hit two snags and am wondering if anyone out there can 
provide some guidance:

1.  I initially got an error in compilation when strings.h could not be found.  
Searching around our system, I found the file in 
/usr/apps/SUNWspro/SC3.0.1/include/CC but suspect that it is for C++ instead of 
C.  Is this true?

2.  I copied the above strings.h file to /usr/local/netpbm where I am building 
the utilities and edited Makefile and pbmplus.h as instructed.  The results of 
the subsequent make were:

cc -Xa -O -I.. -s -o atktopbm atktopbm.c libpbm.a
Undefined                   first referenced
symbol                          in file
rindex                           libpbm.a(libpbm1.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referening errors.  No output written to atktopbm
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed to target `atktopbm'

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks to all of the people who responded:
Dana (dana@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Peter Schmid
Andrew Devanas
Dave Dempsey
Dave Wilensky
Robert Pasken
Russ Rew

The problem turned out to be a stupid one.  I had not completed the 
configuration for System V and still had some BSD stuff in there.  Once that 
was corrected, everything looked fine.  I appreciate the discussion on printing 
DIFAX and the offers of scripts from several of you.  My first shot is going to 
be following FSU's model.  Then we'll see what happens and customize as needed.

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