Re: pblplus and Solaris 2.3

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just a note concerning the discussion below:

g3topbm is not doing the truncation, the problem lies with alden and has since 
the onset of the DIFAX idd era. I too tried to get the problem resolved with 
alden and met with the same success as the gentleman below. I've found that 
just the very edges of the DIFAX surface maps are truncated (alden problem) and 
have been using the pbm utilities with great success for the last two years. 
You must understand that DIFAX is a very low priority with Alden, so don't 
expect too much from them. good luck.

                                        -andrew devanas
                                        associate in meteorology
                                        florida state university


In my experience, some DIFAX maps are in fact not truncated at all, though size 
is still an issue. However, other maps are truncated in a way that removes the 
labels or otherwise renders them essentially useless. I deduce from your 
comments above that surface maps are acceptable, so Alden's DIFAX products are 
not a total loss.

-- Dave

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