Re: Difax sea surface temperature charts?

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For everyone's info: I've haven't received an SST map in over a week so I emailed to Alden to find out what's up. The response from Joe McLean at Alden is listed below.
                            Paul Gluhosky, Yale University

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Hello Paul,

   I have not received a sea surface temperature chart in over a week!  The
chart numbers are: 2063, 2064, 2142.  Can you shed any light on the problem?
I'm receiving the charts via IDD.

I had some fun today checking into this one.  NMC reports that last
2063 ( D127 ) was sent Sun 8 Oct at 15z
2064 ( D238 ) "    "   Sat 7 Oct at 16z
2142 ( D147 ) "    "   Sat 7 Oct at 12z

From reliable official sources, as of October 1, 1995 the NOAA Ocean Products 
Center was 'disestablished'.

All sea surface products produced by the National Ocean Service
will no longer be released. Consideration was given to buget requirements and requests from
commercial distributers of enhanced products of the data.

All products produced from the NESDIS portion of the Ocean Products Center will continue to be distributed
but will no longer be available on the NWS DIFAX circuit.

An official notice to this effect has been distributed.

                      Thanks in advance for your help,
                               Paul Gluhosky

Your welcome very much.

You may forward this information to the UNIDATA people.

If you have any questions like 'We just got to have them, what can we buy ?' please ask them of Bill Highlands, who is more appropriate to deal with them.

Thank you for the information.

Joe McLean
Systems Engineer
Alden Electronics


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