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Umwxacad@xxxxxxx wrote:
Tom I tried contacting Unisys (as you suggested) about receiveing DIFAX charts 
via FTP.

I sent numerous e-mail messages through their WWW page this past month an got 
no response. I tried calling by phone today and no one knew what I was talking 

I thought maybe you might have a name and phone number available of someone at 
Unisys who is familar with this subject.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Here is the information on user sent along back in Sept '94:

"For those who are curious, the man I've been dealing with (for the pcx Difax 
service) is:

Tony Lombardi
Unisys Weather Information Services
PO Box 1226
221 Gale Lane
Kennett Square, PA 19348
Phone: (610) 444-2407
Fax:   (610) 444-2420

And, for my very special colleagues:

(800) 445-5929"

Tom Yoksas

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