Difax printing to Postscript printer

NOTE: The difax mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.

In response to several requests, we are posting our solution to difax printing 
using the Alden Internet Difax feed and laser printer.  Our specific hardware 

Sun Sparcstation 10 running the ldm Sun Newsprinter 20 (which has two paper 
trays including 1 11x17 tray)

To get the information, you may use anonymous ftp, gopher, or WWW, as directed 
below.  Information has been updated as of 3 May 1995 and also includes sample 
charts in original and converted format.  Thanks to several individuals who 
helped us out through some of the rough spots...you know who you are!

Anonymous ftp:

ftp to ftp.met.fsu.edu, login in anonymously, cd to pub/difax and then get the readme file (00README) and any others you like.

For gopher:

  gopher to gopher.met.fsu.edu, then choose:
    #3.  Anonymous ftp directory
         #3.  pub
              #5.  difax

For WWW: open location

Credit goes to our Assistant in Meteorology and Weather Station Manager, Andrew 

Paul Ruscher
FSU Meteorology

PS - in the for what it's worth department, the process works well as long as 
the Internet feed stays active.  Lost maps are lost, unlike other IDD products, 
where they can be recovered easily.  We are archiving many of our maps and keep 
some on-line for a few weeks; if other sites are able to provide backup maps, 
we would appreciate hearing from you.  As an example, our building is losing 
power most of the day this coming Saturday and we will need to replace lost 
charts if possible!  Thanks.

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