Re: printing postscript

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Harry Edmon <harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am using a modified version of a ppm routine called pcxtopbm piped to
pnmtops.  The postscript files sizes are 2-3 megabytes.  You can grab my
pcxtopbm.c file via anonymous ftp from in pub.

Here's how we're doing it at niu.

Our pattern action file for those we want to print out looks like this:

DIFAX   ^(2052).*       EXEC    /disk2/wx_data/difax/convert_difax \1
DIFAX   ^(2053).*       EXEC    /disk2/wx_data/difax/convert_difax \1
DIFAX   ^(2054).*       EXEC    /disk2/wx_data/difax/convert_difax \1

convert_difax looks like this:

# Script to print the DIFAX charts.
dt=`/bin/date -u +%y%m%d`
/disk2/wx_data/difax/$dt'_'$1.g3|/usr/local/bin/pnmtops|/bin/lp -s -d 

Hope this helps someone!


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