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We are trying to print out the DiFAX Daily Extended Forecast 24 hour precip 
anomalies for days 4 and 5, which is called chart D162 on regular DiFAX. 
Apparently, either we're not getting it, or something is happening on our end 
as to not be able to get it. Is it being sent? I noticed the chart sent 
immediately before it has the same PIC number (2053).

I would like to know what PIC numbers the new long range outlooks are going to 
be sent under as well.

Also... I noticed we're getting satellite (GOES-7 and 8) pix on charts 3250 
through 3256. The quality is pretty bad on those.

By the way, NIU is  successfully printing out DiFAX maps using LDM 4.1.38 on a 
Sun Sparcprinter. I also made a script, which uses XV and PBMPLUS, to take the 
g3 file, copy it to a user's account, convert it to a .pbm file, and then 
delete it automatically when he/she is done looking at it. This way, we print 
out only the maps we use to analyze on (ngm, surface, and upper air maps)...and 
if anyone wants the others, or a big view of any of them, they can use that 

Thanks for any help!


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