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moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello out there...I recently talked to Eddie Arbitter at ALDEN concerning the 
DIFAX on internet via IDD.  SHe said that she was uncertain that DIFAX would be 
available in might not be sent out over IDD until sometime in 
January!  That sure got me worried!  Dave's message about DIFAX implied that 
the DIFAX data would be available in some form on IDD in December.  Is any of 
this right??? Our Unix guru thinks that he has a way of displaying the Group 3 
Fax signal to screens using ghostscript....and he believes that we can get it 
to the Okidata printer with some incantation or some such...I will report back 
when we have something positive going.  Ben....I have strapped on my electronic 
seatbelt for this IDD ride...  but the turbulence may be too much! Thanks for 
your help.
Jim Moore

That response from Alden surprises me.  We're working hard at this end to get 
the IDD ready.  We'll check into it and let you know.

  Ben Domenico          Unidata Program Manager
  (303)497-8631           P.O. Box 3000
  ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        Boulder, CO 80303

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