Re: Converting Group 3 FAX files to Postscript, GIF

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Hello All,

I've read all of the email from the start of this list to November 28, then 
Dec. 6 through now. If this is repetitive information, I apologize.

I had a little spare time this afternoon to play around with PBMplus and 
converted a DiFAX map in group 3 fax format to Postscript and GIF. The 
Postscript file was acceptable, but definitely below par of what a laser 
printer can do; the GIF file was horrible.

I went to the "weather talk" email list and asked if there were other options 
since I'm not well versed on file converters.  I did get some interesting responses:

Meta Sienkiewicz <meta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        You didn't mention what platform (PC, Unix, whatever) you wanted to do 
this on.  For Unix X11, another possibility (besides PBM) is the ImageMagick 
package available from '' as 
contrib/applications/ImageMagick/ImageMagick-3.4.tar.gz.  To work with 
Postscript this also requires the 'gs' (ghostscript) translator.  I hadn't 
tried converting from Group 3 Fax with this but was happy with some other 
conversions, display, etc.  YMMV.  My opinions only, etc.

Meta Sienkiewicz

Well, I hope this helps. Don't have much more time to fool with this, but I 
gave it somewhat of a shot. I'll keep trying...


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