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Andre Erasmus <aerasmus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We are interested in getting the Difax charts from Alden via The IDD.  At the 
moment we have the DPI and customized Okidata printer from Alden.

So far I have seen no information on the bulletin boards on how to print out 
the charts using this equipment when we start getting the charts over the 

At present, there is no way of sending the IDD data stream to the DPI or D100 
systems.  You should contact Alden (800-225-9492) to see what (if any) plans 
they have for helping customers in your situation.

Is there an answer?  Please help.

In the short term, the Unidata community is working on ways of converting the 
IDD DIFAX products from Group 3 Fax format into some printable format (ex: 
postscript).  At Unidata, we just started receiving the products yesterday, and 
do not have a workable solution yet.  This still may not help you with your 
situation. Again, your best bet is to contact Alden to see what plans they have.

I will forward your original message to the difax discussion e-mail list.  
Someone may on that list may have a solution.

Don Murray

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