Re: DIFAX availability

NOTE: The difax mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.


As I said yesterday, you couldn't FTP into taiga. The problems worsened today 
until by 4 PM you couldn't log in PERIOD. Jim rebooted the machine, which fixed 
a glitch, and all is well now. That was the glitch for two hours in our LDM 


Wish I could say the same for Paul Sirvatka at the College of DuPage. As of 4 
PM MDT, he is still down, status unknown. He was due to have is hard drive 
replaced today, perhaps it is taking longer than expected.


Glad to see you're back up. No DiFAX word yet? We lose it in T minues 5 hours, 
46 minutes...

We sent out information on DIFAX to all of the community.  Sites will have to 
contract with Alden to get the DIFAX feed over the IDD.  The cost of getting 
DIFAX this way will be the same as by satellite feed: $98/mo.

Tom Yoksas

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