Re: Unisys Difax Progress Report

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        I assume that you saw Larry Riddles comments about the DIFAX offered by 
Unisys. At SUNY Brockport we have been receiving the Unisys data for about 1 
1/2 Months. I have written a program that will automatically FTP the files from 
Unisys, and convert the PCX files to a direct format for the same printer that 
was connected to our old Alden box.

        The system works, however, there is such a major bandwidth limitation 
that regular FTP (even by hand) will time out and die! Somewhere there are 
serious network problems!! I have a feeling that most of it is us, with 
possibly a little help from Unisys only having a 56k line.

        So our conclusion here is. DIFAX from Unisys is useless. However that 
is probably a fault of the Networking in the North East. Hopefully when the new 
vendor (I Think it's Sprint) starts taking over this area in the next few 
weeks, this will correct things. We then can see if the difax will work again.

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