more on pcx difax maps

NOTE: The difax mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.

Since there seems to be some general interest in this, here is a slightly 
modified version of mail I sent to Larry Riddle:


   First, thanks for letting us have a look at these.  You can use command line 
options to modify the way xv loads images. For example I loaded the surface 
difax chart using the command: xv -rv -rot -90 sfc.pcx

- -rv tells xv to reverse color table, and -rot -90 tells it to rotate the 
image -90 degrees.
Another useful command is: display -inv -rot 90 sfc.pcx

display is part of the "ImageMagick" public domain software package.  display 
allows you do easily display the image in full resolution and pan around in it.

To convert to postscript I used:
convert -inv -page 792x1224 sfc.pcx

Again, convert is part of the ImageMagick package available via ftp from (in the contrib directory I believe).

Now I guess I need to find out about a 30 day trial ...


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Department of Atmospheric Science     Fax: (518)-442-4494
SUNYA   ES-228                        Bitnet: dk962@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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