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We're doing good, as near as I can tell, to get CONUS on the NEXRAD2 feed. We still don't see all DoD radars, nor all FAA radars.

Also, Hawaii isn't available. In order to see it all coming in on NEXRAD2, Kunsan, Camp Humphreys and Kadena would have to backhaul to someplace where they could be added to the Internet2 feed.

Further, with the network revamping NWS is doing, NWS HQ and NWS SRH will aggregate all Level II data via a private NWS network, and then make it available to the Top Tier providers (OU/iRaDS, Purdue, ERCC, UMD) who will then further distribute it to second tier sites (like TAMU) and private sector folks.

I guess the short form is, I doubt it's going to happen unless there's some negotiation to put the data on LDM on Internet2 via APAN, which would have to be mediated by DoD and the host countries.

That's my unofficial take on it.


Frost, Mr. Michael wrote:
Hello.  Does anyone know if there are plans to have the Korean & Japanese
radar data available via CRAFT.

30001967 RKJK 43219 KUNSAN                         KOREA, SOUTH  35.92417
-126.62222 78
30001968 RKSG 43216 CAMP HUMPHREYS                 KOREA, SOUTH  36.95972
127.01833  52
30001969 RODN 42219 KADENA                         JAPAN         26.30194
127.90972  218

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