20031215: Re: Update On WSR-88D Level II Project (fwd)

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I couldn't remember if I had forwarded this to you or not, so I'm doing it again!
There are now 96 radars delivering data to CRAFT.


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Date: Monday, December 15, 2003 3:51 PM -0600
From: Tim D Crum <Tim.D.Crum@xxxxxxxx>
SUBJECT: Update On National Weather Service (NWS) Project To Collect And
Distribute WSR-88D Level II Data In Real Time

TO:  Participants Of June 18, 2003 Level II Public Meeting
  NWS Regional Headquarters WSR-88D Focal Points
  DOD and FAA WSR-88D Focal Points

FROM:  Tim Crum (Tim.D.Crum@xxxxxxxx)

Date:  15 December 2003

1.  This is an update to the NWS WSR-88D Level II data collection and
distribution network project I sent on 25 November.

2.  Status of Phase 1 of implementing the Initial Operating Capability
(IOC).  The hardware and Internet2 circuits required to implement the IOC
are now in place for the NWS Central Region (CR) and Western Region (WR).
All CR WSR-88D sites have joined the ?CRAFT? network and WR sites are
joining the network every day.  The server hardware will be installed at
Eastern Region by the end of the month.  The connectivity to the Southern
Region (SR) will not be established until early January.  Thus, no
additional SR sites will be added to the network until January.  The list
of 96 sites sending data   electronically to the CRAFT server, National
Climatic Data Center, and available for distribution is at:
http://www.osf.noaa.gov/NWS_Level_2/Site_Listing.asp.  I will update the
site at least weekly until the last of the 124 sites are on the network.

3.  The research project that was funding for the connections for the
Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP) and Atlanta (FFC) data feeds has run out of
funds to continue the connections.  Thus, data from these two sites will
not be available until the SR server connectivity is established in January
as discussed above.

4.  Please feel free to send me additional questions and comments on this

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