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Just in case you were not cc'd on the email from Kelvin. Here is the latest information.


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Just a quick note to say that the NCDC is now ingesting real time WSR-88D
base data from the 6 CRAFT radars in and around Oklahoma! This is being done via the commodity internet as a prelude to using Abilene. As I gear up for my sabbatical and significantly more attention on CRAFT-2, we see an opportunity for adding about 3 dozen radars to the present network. We should thus begin to see significant progress in a few more weeks. Also, about 6 weeks ago I briefed NOAA director Jim Baker on our progress and plans and he was very excited. In fact, he asked how long it would take to wire the entire network. So I believe we're on the right track!

I'm hoping that NCEP can follow the NCDC's lead, and the good news is that
NOAA is formally becoming a part of Abilene.  The timing couldn't be better!

More soon.



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