Re: [conduit] Grid availability


Feel free to poke around our as-yet-not-publicly-announced thredds server. Lots 
of models on lots of different grids on there, many of which come from CONDUIT. 
That should hopefully answer whether the data is out there and how big the 
files are.

Go under the 'Forecast Model Data' page.

Hit me up if you run into any questions about the data, or what pqact lines I'm 
using to grab individual datasets.


Pete Pokrandt - Systems Programmer
UW-Madison Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
608-262-3086  - poker@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [conduit] Grid availability

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re staying warm! I have a question for the group. I’d like to know 
the availability of what is on the feed; the UNIDATA list is four years old.

  *   HRRR (grid #187 I believe it is)
  *   NAM (grid #218)
  *   NAM NEST (grid #227)
  *   RAP (grid #130)

Also, does anyone know how big are the files for each run?


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