Re: [conduit] NDFD Data

Not knowing the volume of data involved, but assuming it's manageable. I think 
for operational use, the best avenue would be to advocate for inclusion of all 
NDFD grids on the SBN/NOAAPORT. Then it would become a real-time, 
NOAA/NWS/NWSTG operationally  supported product. 

Just my $0.02

> On Oct 17, 2016, at 9:52 AM, Barber, Nathan Michael <nbarber@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> All,
>       At TVA, we would like to utilize the entire NDFD data set (7 days 
> forecasts for some parameters) to drive various models we are using for 
> hydrothermal forecasting purposes.  We’ve realized however, that only partial 
> forecasts exist on the CONDUIT data stream based on the status files uploaded 
> by the NOAA data flow team.  Since products on this stream are consumer 
> driven, we’d like to see if others would benefit from the availability of the 
> entire NDFD data set (out to 7 days in some cases).  Given enough interest 
> from other data customers, we were told that NOAA could potentially serve the 
> rest of the data.
> We believe that releasing the entire NDFD dataset via this mechanism would…
> - allow greater use for these detailed forecasts across other federal/private 
> agencies
> - follow the “Open Government” mantra that is becoming pervasive throughout 
> the scientific community
> - provide another reliable, popular avenue (LDM) for self-service
> - allow the consumers to decide what part of the entire forecast they want or 
> don’t want.  In the current paradigm, consumers are forced to accept a 
> partial forecast despite official forecasts going out much longer.
> Thanks.
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