[conduit] Reminder: CONDUIT data volume will increase dramatically July 28 with addition of GFS 0.25° model output

Hello Unidata Community,

As a reminder, please be aware that GFS 0.25-degree model output will be
added to the CONDUIT data stream on July 28, 2015. If you currently receive
GFS output via the CONDUIT data stream in the IDD, the volume of data you
receive will increase dramatically on July 28 unless you take action.

A description of the situation, along with suggested configurations for
several common situations, is available in this blog post:


If none of the recommendations in the post match your situation, please
contact support-conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for assistance in configuring your
LDM to receive only the GFS output you want.

The Unidata Program Center Staff

Douglas Dirks
Unidata Community Services
ddirks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  *  303-497-8657
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