Re: [conduit] down?

I'm guessing 14:33 is right around when NCEP shut down the CONDUIT servers in Boulder due to power work out there this weekend. The servers in College Park, MD will be your only options this weekend.

The strange thing is that I thought we had shut down the CONDUIT servers out in Boulder for now because of issues with the server that feeds them. So I'm surprised to hear you were getting anything from them. I've cc'd our Dataflow Team here at NCEP to confirm on Monday what the status of these servers in Boulder is after the power comes back up.

Becky Cosgrove
NCEP Central Operations

On 3/6/2015 12:20 PM, Pete Pokrandt wrote:
Is something up with I was feeding CONDUIT exclusively from that server, and the last data I received was at 14:33 UTC, the 54h NAM files. I just put in a redundant feed from and data seems to be flowing from there, starting with the 159h GFS.

I don't recall why I was only feeding from - I think I had been receiving some duplicate products shortly after the transition to the new file names.


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