Re: [conduit] CONDUIT down?

We haven't gotten much CONDUIT since about 7Z this morning and our relay won't 
connect to ncepldm4... anyone aware of any problems with CONDUIT?

looks like our last file was the 06z F000 on 12kNAM anyway.. after that it’s 
all noaaport data only :/

heck of a day for it to go down   speaking of down, if anyone is willing I 
could use a conduit backup.. in exchange I can offer you noaaport from my main 
dish, and I have another backup dish coming online soon :/

I keep wondering with the noaaport capacity increase how much more model data 
can be placed on dish... when conduit goes down I loose my 0-1km helicity 
field! today of all days! lol 



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development
Media Logic Group



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