Re: [conduit] conduit gfs

We haven't intentionally made any changes to GFS output file content in the last few months. If you could track down the specific fields that are not in your smaller files we could look into that, but as a starting point, I would say there's no difference in data content.

Becky Cosgrove
NCEP Central Operations

On 4/10/2013 10:26 AM, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

Conduit / LDMers,

I have an old script that uses 72 hours of gfs forecasts, that sniffs file sizes to ensure everything is ingested before the application runs.

For years I would have a lower limit of 57etc.. last week or so, the program didn't run so I lowered it some more to 54etc.. and this morning I see the program didn't run again, so I decided to investigate.

notice here that some of the F000-F072 files are below the 54etc threshold:

are fields being removed from the 0.5deg gfs, or is something else amiss?



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