[conduit] 20110909: Upcoming CONDUIT Changes

CONDUIT change scheduled for 20 September, 2011

We are happy to report that NCEP will be making NAM-FWIS model runs available as additions to the CONDUIT feed. Below is a short description (abstracted from
information provided by Geoff DiMego, NCEP) of the new data products:

The FWIS runs are high resolution innermost nests of the new, parallel
NAM that are locatable within either the 4 km CONUS or 6 km Alaska nests
that will run every cycle beginning ~20 Sept.  If they are placed inside
the CONUS, then they run with a 1.33 km horizontal spacing using a
375x375x60 grid.  If they are placed inside Alaska, then they run with a
1.5 km horizontal spacing using a 333x333x60 grid.

Geoff DiMego's full description of the fire weather nests can be found in:


Examples of the fire weather nests located to contain Hurricane Irene can
be found in:



Since the addition of these new fields will increase the CONDUIT data
volume by an average of 800 MB/hr, care has been taken to insure that
users can opt out of receiving the data by modifying their LDM CONDUIT

We want to take this opportunity to thank Rebecca Cosgrove and Justin
Cooke, NCEP for all of their hard work in making this new data available!

Please send any/all comments or concerns to support-conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda Miller, Tom Yoksas, Unidata Program Center
Rebecca Cosgrove, Justin Cooke, NOAA/NCEP Central Operations

Linda Miller - lmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Community Services, Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
303-497-8646 fax: 303-497-8690

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