[conduit] ruc2

Many years ago I noticed problems with the
timeliness of ruc2 conduit data. This morning
I notice that the problem seems to have
arisen again.

Please notice this screen shot of my
current directory listing:


Red dots have been placed beside the duplicate
(and triplicate) ingest entries for easier

Please let me know if anyone else notices this
type of error.

In case this error is due to my current conduit
feeds, I currently offer two redundant noaaport backup
feeds to the Unidata IDD. If any reasonably top tier
conduit users could offer additional feeds to me I
would be grateful not just to alleviate this issue,
but for the additional redundancy.



 Patrick L. Francis
 Vice President of Research&  Development
 WeatherNation LLC
 Email: wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx
   AOL: wxprofessor
 Skype: wxprofessor
 Web1: http://www.hamweather.com
 Web2: http://www.weathernation.net
 Web3: http://www.weathermodels.org

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