[conduit] Sref derived products


I am a new consumer of the conduit data feed. We have been very much
intereseted in derived products from both the GEFS and SREF ensembles
therefore we modified our pqact files to request the conduit feed.
Although we are getting SREF members, it appears that it is only the
data from the *pgrb212* files which are the processed data (ie.,
u,v,p,t,q etc). The derived products from each member of the ensemble
like cloud cover, cape etc are in the *pgrb243*  files which currently
not being distributed over conduit. 

I would like to inquire if there is any interest in these products being
added. I am told if there is sufficient numbers in the CONDUIT-receiving
community who want this data, then unidata will interact with NCEP folks
to see if the data can be added (after the June moratorium).



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