Re: [conduit] [CONDUIT #DYD-390666]: 20081022: follow-up to Unidata User's Committee CONDU IT survey

The 40km NAM grids are still vitally important for the imagery we produce
for the web.  We do make use of some of the 12km grid for sfc parameters,
but everything above the sfc/2m/10m level is 40km, simply because our
hardware would choke trying to use the 12km grid for all the NAM plots we
generate.  Hardware issues aside, I'm not sure I actually want to use the
12km grids for upper levels anyway.


Eric Nelson - Weather Data Manager College of Dupage Meteorology Dept. enelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Unidata CONDUIT Support wrote:

Users of the IDD CONDUIT datastream:

This email is being sent on behalf of the Unidata Users's Committee.

Compilation of responses to the Unidata User's Committee spring 2008 survey on
CONDUIT datastream deletions/additions showed consensus for the following 
to the datastream:


- 40 km NAM CONUS (NCEP offering to provide 12 km, 60 levels, 84 hours at 
- 2.5 degree MRF out to 168 hours


- RTMA -- Real Time Mesoscale Analysis
- SREF -- Short Range Ensemble Forecast

Based on the survey results, we will be working with NCEP to make the following 
to CONDUIT _before_ the annual holiday moratorium on changes to the CCS Production Suite (currently scheduled for Wednesday, 17 December 2008, but changes must be requested
before Monday, 20 November):

1) remove the 40 km NAM and 2.5 degree MRF products from CONDUIT

2) add SREF data to CONDUIT

3) add the parallel run (non-operational) RTMA grids to CONDUIT (since the 
   RTMA products are already available in the IDD; see below)

Please let us know as soon as possible if any of these changes will 
significantly impact
your use of data delivered in CONDUIT.

Comments on the availability of operational RTMA grids:

- a review of NWS TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION NOTICE announcements broadcast in 

  and sent to subscribers of the nws-changes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx email list:

  reminded us that a number of operational RTMA grids have been included in the 
  satellite broadcast and in the IDD NGRID datastream since the end of summer, 

  The RTMA fields currently included in NGRID are:

  2 m Temperature and Temperature error
  2 m Dewpoint temperature and dewpoint temperature error
  10 m U wind component
  10 m V wind component
  10 m wind Direction and Direction error
  10 m wind Speed and Speed Error
  Precipitation /no error grid/
  GOES effective cloud amount /no error grid/

  A full listing of what is available can be generated using the 'notifyme' 
  listed below.

- a LDM 'pqact' pattern-action entry for some of the RTMA grids that are 
available in
  the IDD NGRID datastream is contained in the Unidata GEMPAK v5.11.1 (and 
several previous)

  Please review the information in the 'Site Configuration for Products' 
portion of
  the Unidata GEMPAK website for instructions on how to create LDM 
  file(s) and 'ldmd.conf' entries:

  Unidata HomePage

   Unidata GEMPAK HomePage

     Site Configuration for Products

  The Unidata GEMPAK 5.11.4 release (which is being prepared now) will contain
  updated pattern(s) to process the RTMA grids in the IDD NGRID datastream.

- NOTE: for sites not using GEMPAK or the GEMPAK LDM pattern action files:

  - request the RTMA grids via an ldmd.conf entry for the NGRID datastream:

request NGRID "RTMA" upstream_feed_host                 <- replace 
'upstream_feed_host' with the
                                                           name of an LDM 
server that provides NGRID

  - use the LDM 'notifyme' utility to verify that your upstream and your own 
LDMs are
    receiving the RTMA products from NGRID (in both cases 'notifyme' is run as 
user 'ldm'):

notifyme -vxl- -f NGRID -o 10000 -p RTMA -h upstream_feed_host

Your own LDM:
notifyme -vxl- -f NGRID -o 10000 -p RTMA
- example 'pqact' pattern-action file entries that will FILE the non-cloud amount
    and precipitation RTMA products into different directories based on their 
    (e.g., grid 175, 201, 213, 227):

# RTMA (real-time mesoscale analysis) grids
NGRID   RTMA/#(.*)/(............)F.../(.*)/(.*) m HGHT
        FILE  data/rtma/\1/\2_\3.\4m

    Example 'pqact' pattern-action file entries that will FILE the RTMA GOES
    effective cloud amount and precipitation products:

# RTMA (real-time mesoscale analysis) cloud amount and precipitation grids
NGRID   RTMA/#(.*)/(............)F.../(.*)
        FILE  data/rtma/\1/\2_\3

    Please remember that some whitespace in 'pqact' patterns are tabs, not 

    whitespace between NGRID and RTMA is a tab
    whitespace before FILE is a tab
    whitespace after FILE is a tab


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support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                   Boulder, CO 80307
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