Re: [conduit] information needed about CONDUIT use

After some discussion with a colleague, we have determined that certain aspects 
of the CONDUIT feed are un-necessary for our use.  In particular, the GFS 
Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico sections are somewhat useless to us, since 
we're focused on CONUS events.  The ISA Southern Hemisphere is also useless to 
us, as well as the GFS Alaska section for the same reason.  MDR is not used by 
us.  The NPH, WNA, and WWF models are somewhat useless since we're more focused 
on inland events.

I would say that the lower resolution feeds are still useful to us, since we 
currently have limited bandwidth/CPU/storage capabilities.

We are in the process of upgrading out bandwidth/CPU, and should be able to support 
higher resolution feeds soon, so would it be possible to provide an alternate feed 
say 'CONDUIT2', where we could pick and choose what products we wanted at higher 
resolutions, and compare the timeliness of  the existing 'CONDUIT" feed?

It sounds like it would be a real end-user nightmare to phase out certain model 
resolutions, however we are only using this data for class work at this time, 
so as long as some meteorological package like McIDAS or GEMPAK is able to 
decode and display the model runs, we're all for higher resolution data.

As for the newer models, again, we're all for any new/higher resolution models, 
as long as they can be decoded/displayed.

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