Re: [conduit] information needed about CONDUIT use

The modeling/assimilation group at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological 
Studies (CIMSS) are heavy users of gridded fields from the CONDUIT data stream. 
 We currently use the following grids in real-time:
   1)  GFS (grib2), one degree and half degree.  Used to initialize forecast 
models and to provide backgrounds for satellite retrievals
   2) RUC (grib2), 20 km, for model initialization
   3) NAM 40km (grib2), for model comparisons

Our priority is timeliness.  Higher resolution grids are preferred if their delivery time 
is not degraded.  We are currently using the 20 km RUC to initialize an hourly 
"nearcast"  assimilation system.  This system needs the hourly RUC fields on 
time.  If the 13km RUC is delivered considerably later (~15min), we can't use it.  If the 
13 km RUC can be delivered at the same time then we will use it.  The 40 km NAM is used 
for a model comparison study only.  We can always generate coarse mesh NAM grids from the 
native grids.

Comments on possible "new items":
We would like to see the Real Time Mesoscale Analyses.

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