Re: [conduit] information needed about CONDUIT use

Hello all --

There are two additional data sources that could/would prove useful to me:

4.) Real Time Mesoscale Analyses - I'd have to see what these consist of (coverage, format, etc.), but they sound like nice potential retrieval verification and(or) boundary condition fields.

8.) Other - The 47-level, 0.5 degree GFS model output currently provided at    would be *very* useful 
to me
if it was available via CONDUIT, since it provides 25mb vertical resolution (at 
least in terms of temperature) from 1000 -> 100mb.  Currently I believe the 0.5 
degree GFS data available via CONDUIT is at best 26 levels.

Since we're in request mode.... I might as well ask if there could be even more vertical levels made available beneath 800mb (beyond the 25mb resolution currently available)? Our work should benefit from as much vertical resolution as possible within and just above the boundary layer. And are there any levels available beneath 1000mb? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, but bandwidth is an issue, then I'd vote for not going all the way out to 180 hours, if that would help.

Thank you very much for your time and considerations!


Jim Nelson

*Please list the products you currently receive and use via CONDUIT:* (please provide this information via the *Forum* <> or *conduitinfo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx* <mailto:conduitinfo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)

NCEP would like to propose that the following data streams be considered for removal since they are lower resolution versions of other CONDUIT data streams. /*Please provide your input *//* if you are not in favor of this:*/

 1. 1.0 degree GFS grids out to 180 hours (NCEP currently provides GFS
    0.5 degree datasets to 180 hours)
 2. 40 km NAM CONUS (NCEP offering to provide 12 km, 60 levels, 84 hrs
    at 0,6,12 and 18Z)
 3. 2.5 degree MRF (GFS) out to 168 hours  (NCEP currently provides
    GFS 0.5 degree datasets to 180 hrs)
 4. Replace 20, 40, and 80 km RUC with 13 km RUC (NCEP offering to
    provide the RUC model at 13 km resolution.  Forecast hours are
    hourly through 12 hours at synoptic times, and hourly through 9
    hours at off-synoptic time)

The following are items that could be distributed via CONDUIT if there is interest. Please look these over and indicate which, if any, you would likely choose to receive if they were made available:

 1. Climate Forecast System products
 2. Short Range Ensemble Forecast data
 3. High Resolution Windows WRF runs (both dynamic cores)
 4. Real Time Mesoscale Analyses
 5. Hurricane Runs (HWRF/GFDL)
 6. Full Domain NAM
 7. Experimental (parallel) runs of NCEP operational models
 8. Other (please specify)

Mr. James P. Nelson III
CIMSS / SSEC / University of Wisconsin-Madison
1225 West Dayton Street, Room 211
Madison, WI  53706

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