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Subject:        [NCEP.List.ModelEvalInfo] Proposed Great Lakes Wave Model 
Date:   Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:09:35 -0500
From:   John Ward <john.ward@xxxxxxxx>
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NCEP Model Evaluation Subscribers,

   The Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) has proposed an upgrade to
the Great Lakes Wave (GLW) Model  The proposed upgrade includes:

• Generate Great Lakes Wave model product from the new model codes as implemented for the global multi-grid wave model. • Add new output fields for separated wave fields to GLW model. These parameters have already been implemented in the new global wave model.

The initial implementation will utilize the NAM to drive the GLW winds. A subsequent implementation will replace the NAM forcing with NDFD winds.

Near Real-Time Parallel Data

Data is available to external users on the NCEP ftp server:


Any comments on this proposed change will be appreciate. Any feedback you wish to provide during the evaluation period should be emailed to NCEP.List.ModelEvalFeedback@xxxxxxxx, prior to 18 March 2008.



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