[community] EGU 2012 Earth and Space Sciences Informatics: Call for Abstracts

  • To: Stefano Nativi <stefano.nativi@xxxxxx>
  • Subject: [community] EGU 2012 Earth and Space Sciences Informatics: Call for Abstracts
  • From: Stefano Nativi <stefano.nativi@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 19:30:55 +0100
Dear colleague,

I am writing to invite you to submit an abstract to the forthcoming Earth and Space Sciences Informatics (ESSI) sessions of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly in Vienna, 22-27 April 2012. Please, see _

Authors are invited to submit abstracts by *Tuesday 17 January 2012*.

Please, read /How to submit an Abstract at/: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012/abstract_management/how_to_submit_an_abstract.html

This year we have two sub-programmes:

ESSI1 -- *Community-driven challenges and solutions dealing with Informatics

*ESSI2 -- *Multi-disciplinary challenges and solutions across the Earth and Space Sciences

For your convenience, I listed the sessions at the end of this message.

Recently ESSI promoted a Division medal: the *McHarg medal* (see _http://www.egu.eu/awards-medals/awards-and-medals/award/portrait-ian-mcharg.html_).

The new medalist: *Prof. Peter Fox* will be awarded in Vienna at the GA meeting !

_Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the session conveners should you have any questions, and please feel free to forward this message to others who may be interested._

Best regards,

Stefano Nativi
(President, ESSI Division of EGU)

ESSI1 -- Community-driven challenges and solutions dealing with Informatics

New Data Paradigms in the Solid Earth Sciences
* *
Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science (co-organized)

ICT-based hydrometeorology science and natural disaster societal impact assessment (co-organized)

International Collaboration and Integration Strategies for Climate and other Geosciences Informatics

Spatial and temporal patterns of wildfires: models, theory, and reality

Laser Scanning: 3D Spatial Data, Analysis, and Infrastructures in Geosciences

Architecture of Future Tsunami Warning Systems (co-organized)

ESSI2 -- Multi-disciplinary challenges and solutions across the Earth and Space Sciences

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Software in the Geosciences

Earth System Modeling: Strategies and Software

Modern Geoinformatics and Education (co-organized)

Full life cycle of data

Metadata and Data Models, and Markup Languages

Uncertainty in Environmental Data and Models

Service Architecture challenges for multi-disciplinary systems

Collaborative environments and semantic interoperability

Intelligent geo-Information Management in the Future Internet (co-organized)

Earth science on Cloud, HPC and Grid

Large scale data analytics and mining in the Earth Science domains

Real Use of Standards and Technologies - Live Demonstrations

Dr. Stefano Nativi

Head of the Earth & Space Informatics laboratory (ESSI-lab)
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