C2 meeting

NOTE: The c2 mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.

C2 (CONDUIT and CRAFT) people,

A meeting is planned for 11 January, 4:30-6:30 p.m. in San Diego.  The
location for the meeting is the Convention Center in room 1B.

The main issues to be covered during the meeting are:

- survey results
- current status of CONDUIT
        o Steve Chiswell, Unidata
        o Brent Gordon or John Ward, NCEP
- future directions
        o data streams
        o broadening of C2 user community

For additional information, see:


If you know that you can attend the meeting, would you RSVP so we can
be sure to have adequate goodies?

Happy Holidays to all!


Linda Miller - lmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Community Services Manager, Unidata
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
303-497-8646 fax: 303-497-8690