[bww-users] Fwd: SI2_2016 poster

This is the DOI link to the poster the BWW Team recently submitted to the NSF 
SI2 workshop earlier this year (which I wasn’t able to attend due to inclement 

> DOI: 10.7921/G0QJ7F7S
> Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.7921/G0QJ7F7S <http://dx.doi.org/10.7921/G0QJ7F7S>
> Project URL: http://bigweatherweb.org <http://bigweatherweb.org/>
> Project name: Big Weather Web: A common and sustainable big data 
> infrastructure in support of weather prediction research and education in 
> universities
> Project type: SSI
> Awards number: 1450488
> Abstract: The goal of the Big Weather Web is to make big data infrastructure 
> affordable and adequate for university members of the Numerical Weather 
> Prediction community by combining the application of recent technologies: 
> cloud services including cloud storage, software containers (e.g. Docker), 
> distributed revision control (e.g. git), computer configuration and 
> management (e.g. Ansible), and web documents with live code, equations, and 
> visualizations (e.g. Jupyter notebooks). The combination of these 
> technologies is used to create three “nuclei” (also known as crystallization 
> points), pieces of technology that are easily shareable, have the ability to 
> grow and improve over time, and ensure buy-in from researchers and students. 
> They are: (1) a large ensemble distributed over 7 universities, (2) a common 
> storage, linking, and cataloging methodology, and (3) a collection of 
> versioned, community-specific software containers that can be easily deployed 
> anywhere. The purpose of these nuclei is to improve reproducibility in 
> education and research, availability of intermediate results, and ability to 
> quickly adopt new technologies.

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