[bufrtables] WMO BUFR to XML package released

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Wmobufr is an open source Java package for translating WMO
BUFR files into XML.  Now wmobufr is available at SourceForge.

The wmobufr package offers both a Java API for reading BUFR
files and a command-line utility to translate BUFR files into

The WMO BUFR format is widely used for observational weather
data.  The format uses about 750 tables to encode
observations into bit strings.  The tables and format are
specified in standards published by the WMO, the World
Meteorological Organization.

The wmobufr package includes the WMO version 13 BUFR tables.
The package is released under the BSD open source license.

The package is available at:

Although this is the initial public release, the wmobufr package
has been in operational use here at UCAR for nearly a year.

This is a one-time mailing to persons who may be interested.
You are NOT on the list to receive future announcements.
If you wish to receive future infrequent announcements
relating to wmobufr, please let me know.


Steve Sullivan   steves@xxxxxxxx     303-497-2823

FL/2, Research Applications Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
PO Box 3000
Boulder CO  80307

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