Unidata 25th Anniversary Event
October 15-16, 2009
UCAR Center Green Auditorium, Boulder, CO

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Thursday, 15 October

Webcast from First Day:
(Introductory comments - Ramamurthy, Anthes, Fellows, Businger, Lackmann, Dutton, Johnson, Greenfield, Fulker)

       3:00 pm – Welcoming Remarks, Mohan Ramamurthy, Director, Unidata

       3:10 pm – Remarks by Rick Anthes, President, UCAR, and Jack Fellows, Vice President and Director of UCAR Community Programs

       3:25 pm – Remarks by Steven Businger, Chair, Unidata Policy Committee - "From Facsimile machines to smart phones, continuing transitions in information delivery"

       3:40 pm – Remarks by Gary Lackmann, Outgoing Chair, Unidata Users Committee - "The Unidata Difference:  Within and Outside the Classroom"

       3:55 pm – John Dutton, Dean Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University

       4:10 pm – Don Johnson, Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison

       4:25 pm – Richard Greenfield, Retired, National Science Foundation - "Recollections of the Unidata Origins: An NSF Perspective"

       4:40 pm – Dave Fulker, Director Emeritus, Unidata

       5:00 pm – Open Mic Period for participants to share their thoughts and comments

       5:30 pm – Reception with musical performance by Dave Fulker’s Jazz Quartet (and joined by Tom Whittaker on the piano)

       6:30 pm – Dinner

       7:00 pm – Dinner talk, Perry Samson, University of Michigan

Webcast from Dinner Talk:

(Perry Samson - dinner talk)

Friday, October 16

Webcast from Morning of Second Day:
(Killeen, Jacobs, MacDonald, Barron)

       8:00 am – Continental breakfast

       8:30 am – Remarks from NSF (Tim Killeen, Steve Nelson, and Bernard Grant)

       8:45 am – Cliff Jacobs, NSF, Geosciences Directorate - "Why Has Unidata Been Successful?" - with abstract

       9:00 am – Mary Glackin, Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, NOAA (unable to attend)

       9:15 am – Alexander E. MacDonald, Director, NOAA/ESRL - "Memories From 25 Years of Working With Unidata"

       9:30 am – Remarks by Eric Barron, Director, NCAR - "Unidata and NCAR"

       9:45 am – Open Mic Period for remarks from the audience

      10:15 am – Coffee Break

Webcast from Late Morning of Second Day:
(Uccellini, Spangler, Murphy, Clark, Signell)

10:35 am – Louis Uccellini, Director, NOAA/NCEP - "The Unidata-NCEP Partnership:  Transferring Model Output and Software to the University
Community" with Abstract

      10:50 am – Tim Spangler, Director, COMET - "So, where is my tie?"

      11:05 am – Charlie Murphy, Kean University - "Riding the Unidata Express (20 Years at the Speed of Light)" with Abstract

      11:20 am – Rich Clark, Millersville University - "Drinking from the spring: The benefits of data services, tools, and leadership to students."

      11:35 am – Rich Signell, USGS - "Unidata and Oceanography Through the Ages" with Abstract

      11:50 noon – Lunch

      12:50 pm – Unidata Staff Remarks

       1:40 pm – Mohan Ramamurthy, Unidata (Present, Future, and Closing Remarks)

       2:00 pm – Adjourn

Webcast from Closing Remarks:
(wrap up remarks)

Webcast of Cliff Jacobs Receiving Picture:
(collage to Cliff Jacobs)

Ben Domenico, Unidata, will serve as the emcee for the event.